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What our customers say about us



"Cant fault it"

“Love my new tracking unit, so easy to install and quick process! Great product!”



"Tried quite a few online trackers, this has been the best by far!"

“Only got one tracker to begin with, wanted to try a few out and I have to say, best one by a long mile. Connecting it to my battery took about 2 minutes, I sent an email to the company and got it working by the next morning. Everything is really easy to understand and use which is great as I am not the best with technology. Only thing that would make it better is if I got a link to download the colour of the website, not a big fan of the dark black”



"So simple and informative!"

“So easy to install, I was a bit worried about that. Easy to set up on my phone and gives me all of the information I need to know the routes and whereabouts of my vehicle. Checks my driving pattern, good points and bad ones. Superb product. A must have!”