Plug-In Tracker

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Teltonika FMB001 Vehicle GPS Tracker

Plug-In Tracker (ReFURBISHED)

*This item was previously used in our testing program and returned to us. The most up-to-date configuration, firmware, and software updates have been applied to this item as well as it going through a rigorous quality assurance testing process. 


Tracking Directs most accurate data-collecting device, the FMB001. This tracker plugs directly into the OBD port of your vehicle to read and gather information from the diagnostics computer.  

  • 3 months warranty.
  • EU roaming sim included.
  • 2-minute install
  • Available in 5 languages.
  • Suitable for both personal and business use.
  • Tracker compatible with vehicles & most powered assets.
  • Postage included.
  • *Vehicle tracker not compatible with full electric, plug-in hybrid or hybrid vehicles.
  • *Hardware-only product.
  • *Only available for delivery to the UK